NMSLab is located at the west wing
of the Palace of Saint George and Michael
The main building
of the Department of Informatics
Creating a Virtual World
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NMSLab in a Glance

The Networks, Multimedia and Security Systems Laboratory (NMSLab) supports both educational and research needs of the Department of Informatics, as well as other departments of the Ionian University, related to computer networks, multimedia and security.

The education role of NMSLab is to support courses in computer networks, multimedia systems with respect to cultural applications, computer security, cryptography, information systems security, distributed systems, information theory in the undergraduate level. In the postgraduate level, similar courses are given with a research flavor focusing on new issues and challenges in the area. Undergraduate and postgraduate theses are also supported as well as preparing any relevant educational material required (e.g., notes, presentations).

More on NMSLab’s Research Areas

The main focus of the computer networks research actions is on:

  • Ad-hoc networks
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Cloud networking
  • Distributed, mobile and context-aware computing

Challenges related to medium access control, performance analysis, facility location, energy consumption, scalability, information dissemination, contextual information management, information fusion, information inference and reasoning, control theory, dominating sets are some of those studied and published. These provide for new ideas and material that assist also the educational part both in undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The main focus of the multimedia research actions is on three dimensional (3D) modelling techniques to capture the idiosyncrasies of both human-made and natural environment for:

  • Preserving cultural and natural heritage,
  • Promoting local culture,
  • Developing educational applications,
  • Advancing new technologies in the area of virtual reality

The main focus of the systems security research actions is on the use of cryptographic techniques for protecting security and privacy in distributed information environments. Specifically: 

  • Security and Privacy in MANETs and VANETs,
  • Privacy-preserving Data Mining,
  • Security and Privacy in Location Based Services,  
  • Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing Environments,
  • Secure Communication in Distributed Sensor Networks,
  • Security and Privacy in e-voting and e-auction systems,
  • Security against computer epidemics.

Beyond the immediate research and educational role, NMSLab also aims in organizing conferences, workshops, symposia, summer schools etc. Co-operation with other institutes for both research collaboration and personnel exchange is another key aim of the lab.



The People

  • Vassilis Chrissikopoulos
    Vassilis Chrissikopoulos Rector of the Ionian University, Director of NMSLab, Professor